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Allie Davis

Hey, my Allie girl, Ive just been thinking about you. Can you believe its already October? Time is racing by! Im looking forward to your upcoming visit. I really miss my...

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Added by James Davis

Fri 1st Oct 2021 11:54pm

A. Callie Lewis

Hey! I read your journal topic about insomnia, and Im sending good night wishes your way. Its awesome that your husband is so supportive of you, but if you ever need a late...

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Added by Piper Rose Blackburn

Thu 30th Sep 2021 12:08am

Michael Weiss

Im wishing you a happy first day of the new fall season! I hope you experience comfortable temps and calm weather ahead. Goodness knows we need it.

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Added by Roxanna Collins

Wed 22nd Sep 2021 10:36pm

Lana Sims

Ive been thinking about our selfless teachers around the world. Im sure you hear this all the time in your community, but you guys are truly special to continue being there for the students...

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Added by Justin Webster

Sun 19th Sep 2021 4:10pm

Carissa White

Thanks for checking out my journal, Carissa, and for letting me know that you felt the same way. Im glad to see that tensions havent escalated overseas so far. Im praying for our...

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Added by Theresa M.

Wed 15th Sep 2021 9:32am

Desmond Harris

Well, I just wanted you to know that were thinking about you. I love to cook and bake, and I really enjoy sharing it with others, so Im pleased that you liked it.

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Added by Brandy Edwards-Bryant

Thu 30th Sep 2021 7:14pm

Brandy Edwards-Bryant

Wow, Brandy, you made my day with that fresh chocolate pie that you brought by the house yesterday! I just finished off another piece, and it is delicious! You really out did yourself!...

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Added by Desmond Harris

Tue 28th Sep 2021 1:53pm

Sarina Garrett

Good morning, Sarina! Your forum reply about what makes you happy, made me smile. My mom has the same breed of dog, and he is so loving. Pets are truly special.

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Added by Theresa M.

Mon 20th Sep 2021 9:53am

Nick Olson

Im a fan of the Rangers too, and were few and far between nowadays, so its always good to meet another. I dont follow the preseason that close, but I think well have a...

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Added by Landon T. Copeland

Sat 18th Sep 2021 8:51pm

Justin Webster

Thats good to hear, Justin! Mom and I have always enjoyed cooking together and hosting, so it made our day that you guys enjoyed the food. I hope you all have a fab...

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Added by Brandy Edwards-Bryant

Tue 14th Sep 2021 3:37pm

Theresa M.

This is in response to your forum topic about traveling. It is a tough decision, but I think youd probably be okay if you keep your distance from others and wear a mask...

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Added by Lana Sims

Thu 30th Sep 2021 4:02pm

Landon T. Copeland

Hey! Im glad to hear from another fan. The regular season starts soon enough, and Im on edge to see how they take on Wilson and the Washington Capitals. What do you...

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Added by Nick Olson

Sat 25th Sep 2021 11:17pm

Allie Davis

Yes, girl! Fall is right around the corner, and I just pray that it takes the sweltering heat with it. Of course, thats the exact moment that Ill start complaining about the cold...

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Added by Piper Rose Blackburn

Sun 19th Sep 2021 7:30pm

Nina Potter

Im glad you dropped in and joined us. If you need any help getting started with your messages or anything, then feel free to inbox me. Im always happy to help newbies!

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Added by Piper Rose Blackburn

Fri 17th Sep 2021 8:05pm

James Davis

Thanks for the Labor Day wishes, Dad. I hope your scan goes well tomorrow. I promise to call you and Mom after work. Love you both!

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Added by Allie Davis

Mon 13th Sep 2021 10:41pm