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Casey White

Well, alright, Casey! Im so glad you decided to sign up. Ill help you in any way that I can, if you need a little nudge to get started. Im mostly just...

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Added by Ebony Clemmons

Wed 20th Oct 2021 11:02pm

Adam Wells

Hi! I havent seen you around on the forum in a while, so I thought Id check on you. Maybe youve finished creating the messages for your loved ones, so you arent logging...

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Added by Theresa M.

Tue 12th Oct 2021 9:07pm

Roxanna Collins

Hello there, my dear Roxy! It is World Mental Health Day, so Ive been volunteering a bit on 7 Cups. Just listening and chatting with others. It helps them and it helps...

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Added by Michael Weiss

Sun 10th Oct 2021 8:16pm

James Davis

Thanks for sending me such a sweet message! I miss you guys and love you lots. I cant wait to visit this weekend. Be ready for lots of hugs!

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Added by Allie Davis

Wed 6th Oct 2021 7:15pm

Sofia de la Cruz

It was nice talking with you at Mass, Sofia! I appreciate your taking the time to linger behind with me, and I hope to replicate some of your positive energy. Youve helped...

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Added by Annie Kowalski

Sun 3rd Oct 2021 10:17pm

Ebony Clemmons

Hey, remember me? You made this place sound so nice and supportive, that I finally created an account. Thanks for giving me the info. I like the idea of leaving messages to...

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Added by Casey White

Mon 18th Oct 2021 12:55am

Annie Kowalski

Annie, I really enjoyed our dinner out. We should make time to do that more often. I am praying for you and your family with my whole heart. Youre doing so well!...

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Added by Sofia de la Cruz

Tue 12th Oct 2021 7:41pm

Piper Rose Blackburn

Hello there, kind stranger! Im glad you enjoyed my journal entry, but I hate to hear that you suffer from insomnia too. Ill take you up on your offer should I ever need...

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Added by A. Callie Lewis

Sat 9th Oct 2021 9:09pm

Yeah, I believe theyre playing them next week, and Im planning to watch it online. I think the Rangers stand a good chance of winning. We have a solid team this year!...

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Added by Landon T. Copeland

Mon 4th Oct 2021 5:59pm

Nina Potter

Im pleased to hear that you made it through the terrible storm safely! Youre right about never knowing what might happen. All we can do is prepare and pray!

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Added by Megan Moore

Sun 3rd Oct 2021 6:27pm

Sarina Garrett

I read your forum post about your family member, and gosh, that sounds tough. I dont have any words of wisdom to share, but Ill be thinking about you, Sarina.

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Added by C. Robert Vogt

Wed 13th Oct 2021 2:36pm

Julia Hoffman

I really enjoyed reading that journal topic of yours; it sounded like a fun family moment. Those are wonderful memories to hold onto for sure. Thanks for sharing! You made me smile.

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Added by Desmond Harris

Mon 11th Oct 2021 8:05pm

Theresa M.

Thanks for checking on me, Theresa! I appreciate the thought. For once, I have no complaints. So Im savoring my coffee and making the most of it. How have you...

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Added by Piper Rose Blackburn

Thu 7th Oct 2021 2:56pm

Piper Rose Blackburn

I remembered that you have an orange cat, Piper, so I thought this image might be relatable. Im just checking in to see how youve been. I hope youre having a great day!

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Added by Theresa M.

Mon 4th Oct 2021 10:06am

Theresa M.

I am leery of overseas travel because Im afraid of getting stuck there due to a lockdown or other health and safety measure. My doctors are here. Thats just something to consider, but...

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Added by Shane Dunn

Sat 2nd Oct 2021 11:44am