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Cynthia Arnold

Seventh-Day Adventist here, I guess its a small world. Haystacks here start with a corn chip base. Then we pile on plenty of toppings like beans, sour cream, cheese, rice - well, you...

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Added by Gaddy Claxton

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 12:09am

Rebecca Callahan

That sure sounds like a tasty way to keep cool. Im glad you guys are having a nice summer, even if it is scorching. Ill be praying for you guys.

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Added by Myrna Kearney

Sun 18th Jul 2021 7:19pm

Myrna Kearney

This crazy heat is a good excuse to eat tons of popsicles. At least thats what I tell myself when Im on my third treat. I hope you manage to stay cool.

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Added by Rebecca Callahan

Mon 12th Jul 2021 9:28am

Monica M.

Its a brand-new day and Friday at that! I know youre all about that weekend goodness. Just get through your appointment, then well binge-watch something ridiculous. Good luck today!

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Added by Ellery Cass

Fri 9th Jul 2021 8:52am

Carlos Alvarez

Thank you for serving in the military! July 4th really brings it home, just how lucky we are to live in the USA. We wouldnt have those privileges without people like you sacrificing...

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Added by Myrna Kearney

Sun 4th Jul 2021 11:58pm

Ellery Cass

Its Monday! That means theres a brand-new week ahead with a clean slate just waiting for you to decorate it with glitter and diamonds. Is that line too cheesy? You usually dig...

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Added by Monica M.

Mon 19th Jul 2021 12:34pm

Rebecca Callahan

Rebecca, it sounds like you are building many wonderful memories with your two daughters this summer. Those are happy times that your kiddos will always treasure. Good on you!

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Added by Jeff Marsh

Sat 17th Jul 2021 8:45am

Lark Sampson

Im always happy to share about living in the nursing home. I reside in the hospice wing, and Im much better off here than I was at home. My children fretted over me...

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Added by Vernon Orr

Sun 11th Jul 2021 7:58pm

Rebecca Callahan

Aint that the truth? I have to remind myself that I need rest in order to be present for my family. Relaxation is a basic human need that we all need to embrace...

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Added by Bernadine R.

Thu 8th Jul 2021 11:02pm

Gertie Vanderwall

Happy Independence Day to you and yours, Gertie! This has been the perfect day - no rain, it wasnt blazing hot, and everyone felt well enough to enjoy the festivities together. It was...

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Added by Joanie Sizemore

Sun 4th Jul 2021 9:08pm

Gaddy Claxton

How do you make your haystacks? Im LDS and Ive never heard anyone else call it that, so Im wondering if its the same. Theres no hard rule, but in my experience, its...

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Added by Cynthia Arnold

Sun 18th Jul 2021 9:23pm

Gwen Adams

. . . I am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to. I read your journal and I hope you arent going through it alone. Im a good listener...

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Added by Kathy May

Fri 16th Jul 2021 9:12pm

Myrna Kearney

Thank you for noticing, Myrna, and for sending me that kindhearted message about my military service. I hope you have an enjoyable rest of the weekend.

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Added by Carlos Alvarez

Sun 11th Jul 2021 9:40am

Greg Johnston

Thank you for bringing us a gigantic bowl of haystacks! Ive already had two helpings and the kids are talking about taking some for lunch tomorrow at camp. We enjoyed meeting your in-laws...

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Added by Gaddy Claxton

Mon 5th Jul 2021 10:43pm

Garrett E. Rhodes

Hey, Garrett! Im honestly doing pretty good right now, but I appreciate your show of support! Were about to head out to Nanas house to see the fireworks over the river. Ive...

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Added by Camella Johnson

Sun 4th Jul 2021 6:27pm