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Beth Wright

Its oddly soothing to know that it aint just me who is struggling to stay connected to my spouse. I was embarrassed to write about it, but hey, the fact that youre a gal with...

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Added by Paul Jacobs

Sun 19th Jan 2020 7:58pm

Daniel Kim

Im super into Baby Yoda memes and all things Star Wars, so PM me anytime you want to chat about it. I live for the stuff! You know Baby Yoda just has...

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Added by Marsha Onlay

Sat 18th Jan 2020 8:04pm

Paul Jacobs

Oh boy, can I relate to your journal topic! Its such a taboo subject. I keep thinking theres got to be a manual out there somewhere - Feeling Sexy After Chemo for Dummies...

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Added by Beth Wright

Fri 17th Jan 2020 10:55am

Maude Taylor

Happy New Year! Maude, Im sending happy wishes your way for a bright and hopeful 2020. May you and your family experience numerous days that are sunny and full of laughter and contentment!

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Added by Jan Berkshire

Wed 1st Jan 2020 5:17pm

Ruth Barlow

Merry Christmas, Ruth! As another holiday comes and goes, Im reminded about how much youve brightened up my life this past year with your wisdom and encouragement. You are something special, Ruth!...

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Added by Lillian Wilson

Wed 25th Dec 2019 10:34pm

Felix Marshall

Hey, thanks for sharing that headline. I found it, read it, and yeah, it helps to know that Im not alone. I was feeling like a weirdo for worrying about intimacy when Im...

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Added by Paul Jacobs

Sun 19th Jan 2020 7:41pm

Kendra Lee

Kendra, I decided to reach out after reading your forum thread about confession. Im Catholic and confession is part of the fabric of our lives and The Unburdening, as you call it, describes things...

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Added by Carla Wesolowski

Sat 18th Jan 2020 10:28am

Marsha Onlay

I couldnt resist the Baby Yoda meme you uploaded here and wanted to share another fave. Im a huge fan of the show; the worst part about being in the hospital was that they...

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Added by Daniel Kim

Wed 15th Jan 2020 9:07pm

Eric Rogers

Happy New Years Day! Weve got another year licked and a brand-new one is here. Its like weve been gifted a blank slate full of possibilities. Im thankful for friends like you...

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Added by Marsha Onlay

Wed 1st Jan 2020 2:52am

Jan Berkshire

Im wishing all the active military and veterans a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for your service! Jan, I hope your grandson made it home from his deployment. I know you guys...

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Added by Maude Taylor

Wed 25th Dec 2019 8:41am

Paul Jacobs

I took a screenshot of the Vice article you should read as it relates to your journal entry (probably not safe for work). I hear you, bud. Our bodies dont look the same...

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Added by Felix Marshall

Sun 19th Jan 2020 9:01am

Heather Miller

Hi, just wanted you to know that I admire your determination and spirit! The daily grind of a terminal illness can really get a person down, but your cheerfulness always shines through as bright...

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Added by Rachel Sanders

Fri 17th Jan 2020 3:51pm

Paul Jacobs

I have a ridiculous military joke for you that I heard from the grandkids (not sure where they got it). Q: Where do members of the U.S. Coast Guard go when theyre sick? A: To...

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Added by Josh Reynolds

Tue 14th Jan 2020 8:48am

Lillian Wilson

Wow, Lilly, youve really brightened my day and lifted my spirits with that message. Thank you! I cant wait to hear about your new job. Hope its going well! Can you...

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Added by Ruth Barlow

Fri 27th Dec 2019 10:28pm

Marsha Onlay

Merry Christmas Eve, Marsha! I hope today is one of your good days, filled with love and excitement. That was a great musical performance you guys put on last night at church. It...

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Added by Eric Rogers

Tue 24th Dec 2019 9:04am