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Sean Zace

I have enjoyed getting to know you a little better over on the forum. I hope your treatments continue to go well! Hang in there!

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Added by Fay Mendoza

Thu 14th Jan 2021 10:49pm

Andrew Knowlz

My heart goes out to the caretakers of the world. I know caregivers sacrifice a lot to care for their loved one and they face hard battles and tough decisions along the way. Im...

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Added by Darnell Washington

Wed 13th Jan 2021 3:20pm

Barbara Perry

I read your last journal entry and while I agree with a lot of what you wrote, I do have faith in our democracy and in our ability to come together. I have faith...

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Added by Owen K.

Tue 12th Jan 2021 7:01pm

Aviva Rosenberg

Thanks for being there for me, Viv! Thank you for giving me hope that I could look forward to the days ahead and for giving me the courage to make the most of them while...

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Added by Fay Mendoza

Thu 7th Jan 2021 8:11pm

Ebony Clemmons

Thanks for asking after my family. We actually drove out to a little cabin in the woods for a long weekend and it seemed to do my children a lot of good. They...

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Added by Darnell Washington

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 10:09pm

Saul Fisher

I just saw your text. Mazel tov to you and your wife on the birth of a new great-granddaughter. Mazel tov to Amos and Abby on the birth of their first child!...

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Added by Anna Segal

Thu 14th Jan 2021 8:47am

Marcie Keel

Marice, Im so sorry to hear that happened to you guys. Your visitors probably didnt know they had COVID-19, but it is tough not to feel a little resentment there when you are worried...

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Added by Ruth Barlow

Tue 12th Jan 2021 11:52pm

Lillian Wilson

I am just praying hard for our country. I am not sure how we are going to heal and come together as a nation when that mob of Trump-supporters are not the least bit...

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Added by LaToya Copeland

Mon 11th Jan 2021 4:54pm

Tamsin Chun

I loved the tone of your latest journal entry! Its nice to have little things to look forward too. Nothing beats spending time with the people who matter most to you.

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Added by Ruth Barlow

Wed 6th Jan 2021 7:34pm

May Feehery

I read your Skype Video Bummer journal and I totally get it. Its not about vanity at all. It truly is shocking when you see yourself for the first time and realize that...

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Added by Sammy Delaney

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 7:09pm

Owen K.

I just hate that so many police officers were assaulted. The officer in the image looks absolutely terrified and rightly so. The militants beat him pretty badly. Thats just wrong on so many...

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Added by Barbara Perry

Wed 13th Jan 2021 11:49pm

Fay Mendoza

I enjoyed reading your introduction and thought Id welcome you to the forum. Like you, I had my moments of denial. Knowing you are facing a terminal illness is tough to accept. Some...

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Added by Ebony Clemmons

Tue 12th Jan 2021 9:37pm

L.B. Wakefield

It was nice to read your journal and get the perspective of someone who voted while overseas. Thank you for serving our country! Democracy means a great deal to us all. It...

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Added by Darnell Washington

Sat 9th Jan 2021 6:35pm

LaToya Copeland

What is this??? I am just shocked that we are living through a violent coup attempt in the United States of America. Trump should be ashamed! How did they manage to get...

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Added by Lillian Wilson

Wed 6th Jan 2021 5:11pm

Patrick Weaver

Hey, Pat! I miss the good old days when we could all get together and open a bottle of champagne to toast the new year, but maybe well see it again before the year...

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Added by Randy Gillis

Sat 2nd Jan 2021 10:42pm