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Message for Piper Rose Blackburn

September is here! Just stopping by to wish you a great new month ahead. Hopefully cooler weather is on its way to give us some relief.
Added by Allie Davis
on Wed 1st Sep 2021 8:02pm

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Hello there, kind stranger! Im glad you enjoyed my journal entry, but I hate to hear that... Read the full message

Added by A. Callie Lewis

Sat 9th Oct 2021 9:09pm

I remembered that you have an orange cat, Piper, so I thought this image might be relatable... Read the full message

Added by Theresa M.

Mon 4th Oct 2021 10:06am

Im sorry to hear that youre going through a rough spot! I honestly dont know much about... Read the full message

Added by Theresa M.

Wed 26th May 2021 3:05pm

You have been awfully quiet lately, Piper Rose. Is everything okay? No pressure. I just... Read the full message

Added by Theresa M.

Mon 17th May 2021 1:45pm

I agree with you, Piper, that sometimes a person just doesnt feel well and doesnt want to socialize... Read the full message

Added by Desmond Harris

Mon 10th May 2021 8:38am

Piper Rose, it feels good that you noticed how BIG that achievement felt to me. Others take... Read the full message

Added by Theresa M.

Wed 14th Apr 2021 7:45pm