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September 11

It's the day before the September 11th anniversary and the whole world seems to be holding their breath, fearing another attack.  The Taliban has stepped up their threats and violence, and the situation in Afghanistan seems tenuous at best.  The reality is that the scene is like a powder keg of tension just waiting to explode.  Too many Americans have...

Posted by Theresa M. on Fri 10th Sep 2021 7:37am


To stay or come along?

I'm happy my family is asking me to stay with them temporarily during this pandemic since the setup is still work-from-home. However, I'm doubtful about whether I should go with them or continue living alone. The perks in living alone are being able to stay focus and being able to manage your own time and meals.  It's freedom, but indeed...

Posted by Alex Palmer on Fri 3rd Sep 2021 5:20am


This time around

I was worried that my mood would continuously get affected if things get worse. During the first phase of the pandemic, I had a hard time because the news made me overthink to the point that I got unmotivated enough to neglect my responsibilities. I spent most of the time in my room scrolling through social media. I managed to...

Posted by Laura Tuuri on Mon 23rd Aug 2021 3:07am


A continuation

We don't really talk about our issues.  Well, I honestly didn't even realize that we had issues until he was gone.  And no one knew/knows except for my mother, sister, and you guys.  For some reason, telling strangers on the internet is easier than telling the people I know in real life.  It's allowed me to speak my truth without...

Posted by Rebecca Callahan on Fri 13th Aug 2021 11:32pm


Keeping it simple

I feel carefree not going with the mainstream and focusing on the slower part of life. The isolation imposed by the pandemic made me want to spend more time on social media. Thankfully, I managed to divert myself to a better way of spending my time. At times, I'd feel intimidated about not knowing the trend because it makes me...

Posted by Crystal Greenwood on Thu 5th Aug 2021 3:04am


So many changes

I'm still with my husband now, but a few months ago he sat me down and said our marriage was over and that he wanted to start a new life with another woman.  It turns out that he had his head turned by a colleague.  My husband turned my world upside down that day and left me with an ache...

Posted by Rebecca Callahan on Thu 29th Jul 2021 8:51am


Getting something out of the rigor

Whenever I feel envy towards others, I would take a step back to think for myself. Somehow, what I have experienced concerning my illness is what created my character. However, this isn’t to say that you have to suffer physically to obtain wisdom. I’m also not fond of the thought of being grateful just because others have it worse. I...

Posted by Jayden Gosman on Tue 20th Jul 2021 7:06am


Missing the Days

On some days, I found it inconvenient to care for my loved ones. My mom had diabetes, and it was frustrating that she wouldn't follow the doctor's advice. I'd remind her of the right amount of food to eat, but then she'd ignore me and continue with her business. Then there was my dad, who developed liver problems because of...

Posted by Victoria Clausen on Sun 11th Jul 2021 11:50am


Fun, but tired

Is anyone else still all tuckered out after the July 4th celebration?  I don't know if my lasting fatigue is due to ALS, the fact that I'm getting older, the intense heat of the day, or a combination of factors, but I'm still recovering from the military ceremony and festivities.  I'm glad I went.  I started not to because I...

Posted by Carlos Alvarez on Wed 7th Jul 2021 10:33pm


Facing the Consequences

Despite being aware that my family has a history of diabetes, I didn’t pay attention and chose to enjoy my younger years without care. I smoked my life with my peers carelessly and without regret at that time. I remember my mother being worried about it and me just finding her annoying. She would nag and nag while I talked...

Posted by Robert Hendelson on Wed 23rd Jun 2021 5:18am


Crying jags out of the blue

I'm doing okay, but the craziest things keep intruding on my thoughts and making me cry. Today it's the fact that I'm going to die as a bald woman.  It wasn't long ago that I had a full head of hair that was long and shiny.  I didn't realize it then, but my hair made me feel more feminine.  It...

Posted by Gwen Adams on Sat 19th Jun 2021 2:20pm


Losing a Part of My Identity

I was into sports and still am but I am not as good as I used to be after having that leg injury.  I spent months rehabilitating with the hope of getting back to the game. Unfortunately, this body has reached its limitation leaving me hopeless. During that process though, I managed to let my mind wander about things outside...

Posted by Mandy Camarillo on Sun 30th May 2021 2:31am