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I was never so happy that I purchased life insurance than when I found out that I was dying of cancer.  My main concern is that my family will flounder without me. I run the show, so to speak, and thinking that my wife and kids will have to go on without me is really bothering me.   
I want...

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 10th Jul 2020 10:38am


Fathers Day

It felt great to spend Father's Day with my kiddos yesterday.  We took lots of pictures and I got lots of hugs.  It might be our last big moment together, but I hope not.  I just don't want them to forget me and some of my kiddos are young enough that it might happen.  I guess the recordings I'm making...

Posted by James Radford on Mon 22nd Jun 2020 12:31pm


Homeschooling the grandkids

The pandemic ushered in tons of changes, so while my children work from home, I'm homeschooling the grandchildren.  Thankfully, the schools send monthly packets of work, so I just show the kids how to work the math problems and I explain science concepts and help with their grammar, reading, and writing. The kids behave and listen to me when I'm...

Posted by Josh Reynolds on Thu 18th Jun 2020 7:28pm



I don't know why, but ever since the doctor said I wouldn't get better, I've been dreaming about my death.  I've had a lifelong passion for poetry and I feel compelled to write about my dreams.  It might seem morbid to some, but it actually makes me feel better.  It's like confronting death head on and seeing it as a...

Posted by Virginia Chambers on Mon 15th Jun 2020 4:38pm


For My Grandaughter Sherri

My dear Sherri. I hope you can understand all this. You are such a good girl, and so smart and strong too. Your gramma has to go on a trip baby and I can't come back. My daddy is calling me home and since I'm a good girl too, I have to go. Don't worry baby, your daddy won't be...

Posted by Melody Flemons on Fri 29th May 2020 1:46pm


Accepting With Peace

All in all, I can't complain about my years lived. Through the good and bad, it has led me a few understandings. I have learned that it's easier to accept what comes your way than it is to fight it. Accept a situation and deal with it the best you can in a positive way. This is the only way...

Posted by Ben Stimser on Mon 25th May 2020 10:58pm


Saying Thanks

I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to leave my thoughts and words of wisdom behind for my family.  I don't have much energy at this point, so being able to hit "record" when I'm ready, and "stop" when I'm tired, is so much easier than what Mom went through.  We pushed Mom to get...

Posted by Brenda Turpin on Tue 5th May 2020 1:12pm


Dividing Our Estate

My wife and I ran into a thorny issue while getting our affairs in order.  We're wrestling with whether it's ever okay to divide an estate unequally among adult children.  We know it's legal to handle our estate this way, but there could be other ramifications.  For instance, what if one child suffers from drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction?  The...

Posted by Derek T. on Wed 29th Apr 2020 2:45pm


Down the rabbit hole

Staying at home translates into boredom quickly, so we should try to fill the time with something useful. That is what the wise would say. I'm not wise, so I spend my free time getting stuck in old memories. I went through my collection of old concert DVDs and photo albums these last three days. It was such a rollercoaster...

Posted by Sienna Geils on Mon 20th Apr 2020 8:43am


A toned-down Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! I am slightly late, but I hope my prayers that you all stay safe and healthy wherever you are will reach you just fine. Was your Easter unusually quiet? I thought that's how mine would be, except that we had the longest video chat in our lives last Sunday! To be honest, I was amused that...

Posted by Elizabeth Powell on Mon 13th Apr 2020 10:10am


Feeling Cheated

I'm starting to feel cheated of the last bit of life I have left.  I was diagnosed with ALS a couple of months ago.  It took some time to come to terms with having a fatal disease and one that completely takes away your independence at that.  One thing that helped me cope was to create a mini-bucket list of...

Posted by Alex Bryant Sr. on Tue 7th Apr 2020 8:05am


Scary, Uncertain Times

This thing with the coronavirus feels so BIG, like our civilization is careening out of control.  As of this moment, the United States has more confirmed cases of the coronavirus than any other nation.  It's serious business; people are dying and the economy has essentially shut down. Schools have closed and working parents are scrambling for child care.  It's a...

Posted by Carla Wesolowski on Sat 28th Mar 2020 6:11pm