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I don't feel well these days even when vaccines are being distributed in the country. I should be happy, but I keep feeling bad for other people after knowing better about the world. These thoughts are only taking a toll on my mental health, yet I can't help but think about it. I always end up thinking about stuff outside...

Posted by Ashley Ford on Wed 7th Apr 2021 11:34am


Some Regrets and Decisions

It's the sad reality that more people have a job they hate than a career they can grow with. I was one of those individuals who chose a high salary over something I loved doing. Now it feels empty with all this money. Sometimes, it’s like I’m just a living dead with financial stability with the multiple maintenance medicines that...

Posted by Emma Stockholm on Wed 31st Mar 2021 1:13am


Unspoken Words

I've always looked up to our great-grandfather because of how he was able to hold his family together. He and my great-grandmother were the reasons why holidays were something to look forward to. His height wasn't the only thing that made him appear respectable for he was also the type of policeman who would choose to set things right regardless...

Posted by Matthew Dickson on Sun 21st Mar 2021 1:30am



I can relate when people say that it's harder to open up when you're a guy. There's also this pressure knowing that my family is relying on me. Although they're not imposing, I find it hard to open up about my thoughts. I'm just afraid that they'd become demoralized once they learned that I have a problem with my mental...

Posted by Jack Goldman on Sun 14th Mar 2021 3:12am


Cutting Relations

It has been nice to have had these conversations with someone I didn’t expect to have with. Although we haven’t met yet, I’ve appreciated your existence however limited it was. To be honest, one of the things that kept me going in this life was the chance of meeting you in the future. For me, it was something to look...

Posted by Lily Stewart on Thu 4th Mar 2021 11:14am


Just Venting

I feel like I can't do anything right and I need to vent about it.  I love my husband and I really do try my best to help him, but he never seems satisfied.  We've been married for 25 years and we've had our share of ups and downs, but lately he seems so irritated with me.  I know that...

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 2nd Feb 2021 3:26pm


Saying goodbye to a friend

Marsha, I can't believe you're gone.  It's a weird feeling.  You know, you became a close friend in a short amount of time. You saw right through my gruff attitude and understood that I'm just reserved and that I process my feelings slower than others. You made our support group what it is today.  You worked tirelessly to bring in...

Posted by Beth Wright on Thu 28th Jan 2021 11:56pm


The extended finale

Dying feels like such a prolonged process today.  I know I'm dying.  I know that my COPD and CHF are incurable and unfixable, but it can linger on for years. It wasn't always this way.  A couple generations ago people often died after a heart attack or a mine accident or a car wreck.  It was sudden.  In a way...

Posted by Josh Reynolds on Thu 21st Jan 2021 10:20pm


Breakfast for Supper

Having breakfast foods for supper felt like such a treat when I was a child.  It felt kind of naughty since it wasn't early morning, plus it meant that my sister and I got to help Mom in the kitchen.  Mom would turn on the radio and the three of us would sing, cook, dance, and just act silly.  Since...

Posted by Barbara Perry on Sat 16th Jan 2021 7:01pm


The Attack on Our Democracy

I'm still upset, furious, bewildered, sad, anxious, and scared after I watched the mob descend on our Capitol so violently in an attempt to rip apart the one thing that makes our country great - our democracy.  One of the angry supporters actually murdered a police officer who was protecting the Capitol. The officer was a veteran too.  He was...

Posted by Barbara Perry on Sun 10th Jan 2021 8:40pm


Yes to 2021!

Here's all that I'm doing this year, and I can't wait. - Spending as many days as I can with my dear, dear husband and son. So looking forward to taking a road trip or two (I want to see Glacier National Park and Yellowstone again). Such a gift that these guys are in my life. - Laughing over pizza with my sister. So glad she lives so...

Posted by Tamsin Chun on Mon 4th Jan 2021 10:00pm


Memories make me warm

It hits me like flashes: My two sons when they were back in elementary school, walking towards me after the dismissal bell, holding hands. Then, massive mental rewind to when I was their age. My own dad, sipping whiskey at the dinner table, sharing our early days as a family when he only had a few bucks to pick up a soon-to-be-trashed Christmas...

Posted by Jay Kensington on Sun 27th Dec 2020 11:51pm