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Losing a Part of My Identity

I was into sports and still am but I am not as good as I used to be after having that leg injury.  I spent months rehabilitating with the hope of getting back to the game. Unfortunately, this body has reached its limitation leaving me hopeless. During that process though, I managed to let my mind wander about things outside...

Posted by Mandy Camarillo on Sun 30th May 2021 2:31am


Having the Chance to Improve

I was a timid kid before because of my asthma. Socializing with other children felt like trying too hard thinking that they would eventually stop playing with me. After learning more about my condition, I realized that I can still do something about it. Life for me improved and I managed to create better memories than the ones I had during my...

Posted by Ashley Ford on Sun 23rd May 2021 9:49pm


Unexpected Situations

Fighting with our siblings is somehow part of growing up but some sibling relationships are worse when there's so much silent treatment. You know there's tension yet you have to act civil towards each other. And it just happened that no one can open up about their thoughts because it'll only get awkward. I was put into a situation where...

Posted by Andre Bates on Fri 14th May 2021 10:42am


Let Me Be

I don't like how people around me would always ask about my love life. They'd say that it's nice to have someone and that life would be better. That’s almost like implying that my life isn’t as good just because I’m single. I'm tired of explaining how I like my relationship status just as it is. I appreciate my parents and...

Posted by Matthew Dickson on Mon 26th Apr 2021 12:01am


It All Amounts

It's all good that things didn't happen the way I wanted them to happen. I've realized that life doesn't end at that. The goals I've missed will indeed remain as regrets. However, those are only thoughts in the end. It's not my life and not the whole of me. Getting older has slowed me down in a positive sense, for...

Posted by Emma Stockholm on Mon 19th Apr 2021 10:55am



I don't feel well these days even when vaccines are being distributed in the country. I should be happy, but I keep feeling bad for other people after knowing better about the world. These thoughts are only taking a toll on my mental health, yet I can't help but think about it. I always end up thinking about stuff outside...

Posted by Ashley Ford on Wed 7th Apr 2021 11:34am


Some Regrets and Decisions

It's the sad reality that more people have a job they hate than a career they can grow with. I was one of those individuals who chose a high salary over something I loved doing. Now it feels empty with all this money. Sometimes, it’s like I’m just a living dead with financial stability with the multiple maintenance medicines that...

Posted by Emma Stockholm on Wed 31st Mar 2021 1:13am


Unspoken Words

I've always looked up to our great-grandfather because of how he was able to hold his family together. He and my great-grandmother were the reasons why holidays were something to look forward to. His height wasn't the only thing that made him appear respectable for he was also the type of policeman who would choose to set things right regardless...

Posted by Matthew Dickson on Sun 21st Mar 2021 1:30am



I can relate when people say that it's harder to open up when you're a guy. There's also this pressure knowing that my family is relying on me. Although they're not imposing, I find it hard to open up about my thoughts. I'm just afraid that they'd become demoralized once they learned that I have a problem with my mental...

Posted by Jack Goldman on Sun 14th Mar 2021 3:12am


Cutting Relations

It has been nice to have had these conversations with someone I didn’t expect to have with. Although we haven’t met yet, I’ve appreciated your existence however limited it was. To be honest, one of the things that kept me going in this life was the chance of meeting you in the future. For me, it was something to look...

Posted by Lily Stewart on Thu 4th Mar 2021 11:14am


Just Venting

I feel like I can't do anything right and I need to vent about it.  I love my husband and I really do try my best to help him, but he never seems satisfied.  We've been married for 25 years and we've had our share of ups and downs, but lately he seems so irritated with me.  I know that...

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 2nd Feb 2021 3:26pm


Saying goodbye to a friend

Marsha, I can't believe you're gone.  It's a weird feeling.  You know, you became a close friend in a short amount of time. You saw right through my gruff attitude and understood that I'm just reserved and that I process my feelings slower than others. You made our support group what it is today.  You worked tirelessly to bring in...

Posted by Beth Wright on Thu 28th Jan 2021 11:56pm