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Stay Positive And Continue Doing What You Love To Do

It’s been about 2 years since I had a mastectomy of both my mammary glands. I prepared myself to rest and made peace with God. I even called all my relatives who are dear to me so that I can talk to them while I’m still alive. Miracle happened after I got off from the hospital. My recovery was very...

Posted by Brenda Ferdinand on Thu 28th Jun 2018 5:32am


Open the Window and Let the World In

Man, sometimes dying is painful. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Some folks just want to hear rainbows and sunshine, but really, it sometimes hurts and that's okay to say.  There are times my lungs rattle and I can't catch my breath.  Times when my I ache clear to my bones and I can't get out of bed.  Those times...

Posted by Denard Jefferson on Sun 17th Jun 2018 6:33pm


I took this life for granted.

Recently, I participated in a volunteer event for an elderly group in the neighborhood. I spent most of the time with a lonely lady who is almost forgotten by her own family. Talking to her brought me to tears as I was strongly reminded not to take anything for granted. Some people were not lucky enough to be blessed with...

Posted by Endy Burke on Sun 10th Jun 2018 8:46am


No regrets.

I often struggle with negative thoughts which sometimes lead me to a self-made circle of doom. "It's your fault." "This is a punishment for your past mistakes." It's overwhelming. At a certain point, it stops. That happens when I force myself to look at what I have now. My family, my friends, my life experiences, my success stories; they are everything that defines me...

Posted by Amanda Conti on Sun 27th May 2018 1:48pm


A Memorial Day Wish

Good day all, I am a veteran with PTSD. I found out late in the game that, for me at least, talking about what triggers your PTSD episodes will help with not only lessening the effects, but it will help keep you healthy as well. Stress, heart related problems due to that, clogged vessels, etc....This is going to make my time...

Posted by John Freedom on Wed 23rd May 2018 3:56pm


I enjoy creating these videos for my daughter and son.  By leaving these behind, I know they'll always have a part of me around and they won't feel so alone. They'll be able to feel their mother's love and hear their mother's wisdom. I know that they can listen to my voice say, "I love you" over and over again. My daughter...

Posted by Beth Wright on Wed 23rd May 2018 3:40pm


Stay On Your Best Behaviour

Hi, my name is James and I have lung cancer. In a support group the other day we were asked how we are handling the day to day facing of our own mortality. We all have to go sometime, but those without a disease of some sort know they will probably live longer than those of us who have something. That...

Posted by J Abshire on Tue 8th May 2018 2:07pm


I still care about the world.

Dealing with a terminal illness takes a lot of focus and energy. I work on keeping my thoughts and heart in check, staying positive and supportive of each other. It seems so easy to lose ourselves in sadness and fear if we forget to do that for a second. Sometimes it's just different. I hear about the space exploration and I'm...

Posted by Amanda Conti on Fri 27th Apr 2018 12:19am


The Beautiful Death of My Aunt Lily-Anne

Recently mum and I found a way to re-connect by sharing family photographs. One person figured in a lot of the photos from my father's family. His sister, my Aunt Lily-Anne. We have many happy memories of her and, inevitably, we got around to talking about her death when she was 54. Which really was a beautiful death and has...

Posted by Annette Fisher on Fri 20th Apr 2018 6:49am


All the small things - Pt. 2

Since people seemed to enjoy my last entry, I'm writing up another list of some of the small, awesome things that happen in life. I'm always looking to add more things to my list, so please, leave me a message on the message board (a feature I love but sadly never use), on my introduction thread, or shoot me a...

Posted by Emily Parkes on Mon 16th Apr 2018 12:53am


A time to love myself

I was talking about communication in the forum, but right now I just want to take time for myself. It has been an exhausting journey so far with some joyous moments here and there. I feel like I can lose them all if I don't take time to slow down and remember. Taking time for ourselves is as important as giving...

Posted by Carl Jones on Wed 11th Apr 2018 1:16am


More Than My Disease

I created this list when I first learned I had dementia.  I guess I just didn't want to lose myself.
I am resourceful.  I can make clothes in a snap in any style, I can grow nutritious food in the poorest dirt, I can fix most things around the house.
I am gregarious.  I...

Posted by Joanna Moore on Sat 7th Apr 2018 2:32pm