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No Warrior Here

When you have cancer, some people will say
that you're brave to fight every day,
You're called a warrior, a hero, a mighty soldier - okay,
But I personally never felt that way. 
I'm not a tough warrior showing my bravery, 
I didn't enlist, the cancer is just inside me.
So, why do we use words of war, 
To describe...

Posted by Mia Vargas on Thu 30th May 2019 11:58am


Scared of being forgotten

Ever since I found out I won't be able to cross everything off my bucket list in this lifetime, there's one question that keeps coming back to me. Will I be remembered? I know people will move on, and I want people to move on, I don't want people to dwell on what they've lost, but at the same time...

Posted by Jarvin Williams on Wed 15th May 2019 8:23am


When it pours, it also rains

This morning, a friend shared what happened to her Bible study classmate. This classmate asked God, "Don't you care?!" She stepped out in the rain, looked at the falling drops, and sensed a voice answering, "All of these and more are how much I love you." I sensed a voice after my dad suddenly died. My siblings and relatives were running around setting...

Posted by Jess Maddox on Wed 8th May 2019 5:11pm


Recording Memories

Technology has come a long way since I was young. I remember when my grandfather got cancer and was nearing the end of his life. He wanted to leave behind some of his historical memories so my grandmother hired a man to film him. Grandpa was uncomfortable talking about personal stuff in front of a stranger...

Posted by Luca Russo on Wed 1st May 2019 9:46am


When life gives you lemons...

The journey through my illness has been everything but depressing. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 4 years ago. Stage 3 means that I have a 72% chance of surviving 5 years or more. Well, things have not been looking really good lately, but every day I make a conscious effort not to make myself a number. It’s...

Posted by Lindsey Pfeifer on Tue 16th Apr 2019 7:05am


Dogs in Old Photos

When I see old videos or pictures I notice the dogs. Did they get a proper burial when it was their time? Were they good boys and girls? We dog-sat a cousin's German Shepherd mix when the kids were in elementary school. We rented a fenced-in bungalow then and let Lucky run around when he felt like it. One day, our oldest came inside and...

Posted by Jess Maddox on Sat 6th Apr 2019 2:53am


Regrets and Kids

I don’t know if I’ll be around to see my adult sons get married or have kids. They might do neither. I might be the main or second-place reason for that. I get flashbacks to moments when I was typing behind a computer screen for sometimes hours, while they played with toys or watched videos — videos I allowed so...

Posted by Jess Maddox on Tue 26th Mar 2019 6:19pm



I smile, I laugh, I throw jokes and play around. I try to spend my time with and for everyone even when my head is filled with questions of whether I will wake up tomorrow. I wonder if I can still do the things I haven't tomorrow. I don't know if I can still move my body when I wake...

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 21st Mar 2019 11:17am


Random Acts of Kindness

I've started doing random acts of kindness, everything from hiding bottles of bubbles in the park for kids to find, to dropping off toys at my local animal shelter, to leaving extra quarters and detergent at the laundromat.  I'm not spending much, just a bit here and there.  I pair each one with a cheerful note and I do it...

Posted by Carla Wesolowski on Sat 16th Mar 2019 1:20pm


Ebony, I Hear You

Ebony: You write beautifully. Your description is so precise, we can feel your emotion. Thank you for sharing your feelings so honestly. Sometimes it just feels good to see our thoughts and fears in print, and that might be what you needed when you authored your post. Other times we need someone to share the conversation. I will send you a PM. If...

Posted by Michael Reynolds on Wed 6th Mar 2019 3:19pm


Spiritual Pain

I'm in spiritual pain.  I feel like I've been let down.  I don't know why this is happening to me and I've lost my sense of purpose in life.  This terrible thing is consuming my life, has attacked my core values, and has made me question my religious beliefs in a way I never thought possible.  At a time when...

Posted by Ebony Clemmons on Tue 5th Mar 2019 3:19pm


My tumor will benefit cancer research

I've finally had the tough conversation with my husband and kids about my decision to donate my tumor tissue to cancer research.  Some extended relatives have reached out about being uncomfortable with me being "put in the ground in bits and pieces instead of whole."  I've explained how I won't be in my body anymore so it isn't a big...

Posted by Julie Fernández on Sat 23rd Feb 2019 7:59pm