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Plans are up in the air

Posted by Daniel Webb on Wed 22nd Dec 2021 12:45am

My wife and I are trying to decide how to handle our family Christmas family celebration this year.  Last year, we all stayed at home and tried to visit over zoom.  We made do, but it felt pretty rotten to be honest.  This year planned to have everyone over.  We've got the house all done up with lights and have even bought the ham we'll bake on Christmas morning.  We were really looking forward to seeing our extended family.  I desperately hoped that the threat from COVID-19 would stay pretty low, but this new Omicron variant has me a little worried.  Some of my grandkids are too young to be vaccinated, so does that mean I'd be putting them at risk if I had them over for Christmas?  We've already missed out on so much time together.  It's hard to know the right thing to do.