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Staying in the Present Moment

Posted by Ebony Clemmons on Thu 25th Nov 2021 1:27pm

I'm hosting the Thanksgiving gathering this year.  The turkey is resting.  The sides are ready.  The table is set.  My husband and son completed their tasks.  My brother is excited to see everyone and to participate.  And now I'm just kind of waiting for everyone to get here.  The day couldn't be more perfect, so why am I sitting here ruminating.  I'm desperately trying to erase the voice that says, "Ebony, your brother is getting worse.  This might be your last Thanksgiving with him;" and, "Ebony, you better savor this one because your Huntington's could kick in at any time, and you might not ever make the big family dinner again."  I don't want to let the possibility that this could be "the last" rob me of my happiness.  I'm hoping that writing this out will help me appreciate what's going on right now.  

Heavenly Father, please help me calm my mind as I embrace the present.  Help me to be mindful of the here and now.  I thank you for the blessings of today.  Amen.