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Cutting Relations

Posted by Lily Stewart on Thu 4th Mar 2021 11:14am

It has been nice to have had these conversations with someone I didn’t expect to have with. Although we haven’t met yet, I’ve appreciated your existence however limited it was. To be honest, one of the things that kept me going in this life was the chance of meeting you in the future. For me, it was something to look forward to because I’ve had this curiosity about how we’ll get along. But now it feels like everything we’ve talked about is nothing but an illusion. I’ve been feeling bad for a few days now so I chose to distance myself since I don’t want to affect you with any negative energy. I’m thinking if I should just stop talking with you altogether. It doesn’t seem reasonable after talking for years but everything is just becoming toxic. Anyway, I don’t think you care about any of this, still, I’m thankful.