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Saying goodbye to a friend

Posted by Beth Wright on Thu 28th Jan 2021 11:56pm

Marsha, I can't believe you're gone.  It's a weird feeling.  You know, you became a close friend in a short amount of time. You saw right through my gruff attitude and understood that I'm just reserved and that I process my feelings slower than others. You made our support group what it is today.  You worked tirelessly to bring in guest speakers and you fiercely made sure that everyone felt comfortable in our group.  You validated all feelings.  You checked on group members who were having a rough time.  You rallied the group members into signing up here so they could leave messages behind for their loved ones.  It was a lot of work for you and I know it had to be exhausting and emotionally draining, but you never complained.  You have always put others first.  

It breaks my heart that you never got to be a mom as you'd once hoped.  You would've been a great one!  I also hate that the pandemic robbed you of so much this past year.  You couldn't travel or visit old friends, but you still made the most of the time you had left.  It  wasn't all bad either.  You lived long enough to see Trump get kicked out of the White House and you finally got your white Christmas!  You must've called me a dozen times just to marvel about the snow.  You felt it was one last gift from GOD.  I wish I had listened more closely to you.  Maybe you were trying to warn me that you were fading away.  I wish I knew.  I'm glad you aren't in pain anymore.  I'm glad you're in heaven.  Thank you for the heartfelt goodbye message that you left behind for me.  I love you, Marsha.  Rest in peace my friend.  We will meet again someday.