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Breakfast for Supper

Posted by Barbara Perry on Sat 16th Jan 2021 7:01pm

Having breakfast foods for supper felt like such a treat when I was a child.  It felt kind of naughty since it wasn't early morning, plus it meant that my sister and I got to help Mom in the kitchen.  Mom would turn on the radio and the three of us would sing, cook, dance, and just act silly.  Since Betty was older, she got to be in charge of the bacon and eggs while Mom helped me do the pancakes and biscuits.  Those meals always tasted the best!  As an adult, I realize now that my sister and I were probably underfoot, but Mom never made us feel that way.  Just spending time together as a family and doing simple things meant the world to me.  I still miss my mother.  Time marches forward though, and I now have my own kitchen helpers.  Jacob isn't quite ready to take on the eggs and bacon, but he can make a mean pancake while Chloe and I handle the rest.