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The Attack on Our Democracy

Posted by Barbara Perry on Sun 10th Jan 2021 8:40pm

I'm still upset, furious, bewildered, sad, anxious, and scared after I watched the mob descend on our Capitol so violently in an attempt to rip apart the one thing that makes our country great - our democracy.  One of the angry supporters actually murdered a police officer who was protecting the Capitol. The officer was a veteran too.  He was just doing his job.  His death was senseless!  Why did once ordinary citizens turn into domestic terrorists?  Because of the humungous lie that the election was stolen from Trump. So I'm angry!  I'm angry at the propaganda-filled news organizations that spread the lie.  I'm angry at the politicians who fanned the flames, despite knowing it was a baseless claim.  I'm angry at the social media platforms that were complicit with allowing the lie to spread like wildfire.  I'm also angry at the violent hooligans who never once questioned what they were told.  Who never asked for evidence. Who refused to listen to William Barr when he said there was no widespread election fraud.   Who never considered what it would take to pull off such a feat in the first place.  I think Karl Rove said it best, "‘Stealing hundreds of thousands of votes would require a conspiracy on the scale of a James Bond movie.  That isn't going to happen."  

We have to come together as a nation, but it won't happen until the lies stop and all people accept full responsibility for their hand in the violence that befell Capitol Hill.