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Yes to 2021!

Posted by Tamsin Chun on Mon 4th Jan 2021 10:00pm

Here's all that I'm doing this year, and I can't wait.

- Spending as many days as I can with my dear, dear husband and son. So looking forward to taking a road trip or two (I want to see Glacier National Park and Yellowstone again). Such a gift that these guys are in my life.

- Laughing over pizza with my sister. So glad she lives so close.

- Visiting my brother at least once. We're not as tight as we were, but that's okay.

- Getting my hair and makeup done by my nieces, future cosmetics CEOs!

- Praying with the awesome people at church. I sense the power of their prayers.

I was watching a video about when to take out Social Security and thought Hmm. Not sure if I'll get there. I felt a bit of fear as I mentally admitted that, but the fear was mixed with acceptance and a touch of peace. Let's see what God has in store.