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Christmas Already?

Posted by Belinda Tani on Mon 21st Dec 2020 5:27pm

Can’t believe it’s in a few days! Among the things I’ve done to simplify my life now is a) not mailing out cards, except to my mom and b) only putting up a wreath from Home Depot. I don’t even go out of my way to listen to carols anymore, but I’ll sing them during online church. The only daily constant is keeping up with a friend’s Bible study book. All these decades of Sunday School, even as a teacher (!) and I’m still learning the history behind the verses. Even more valuable is that I’ve been gaining insight in how God watched out for me over the years, protecting me from what could’ve been horrible physical accidents and deeply unhappy life choices if it weren’t for the most random interventions: a person saying the right or perfectly wrong thing, a delay that actually opened up doors, the strangest signs from nature or just from moments of reflecting. I’m thankful.

To whoever reads this, Happy Christmas!