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Skype Video Bummer

Posted by May Feehery on Thu 17th Dec 2020 12:49pm

On Zoom, you can “enhance” your onscreen appearance. I tried that and appreciate the tasteful ultra-subtle airbrushing you get. Like putting a thin dab of Vaseline on a “normal” camera lens, or standing in the right intensity of sunlight when you do a selfie. But no such luck with Skype. The other day, I tried Skyping an overseas friend. I hit that video camera button and in an instant, immediately thought what Marlon Brando said in Apocalypse Now: “The horror...the horror”! Every sallow discoloration for my captive friend and myself to see, and I know that what showed up onscreen was not just from getting older, but also from tiring treatments and many popped pills. My friend and I had a great chat but I think I could tell that she was internally alarmed at my changed appearance.

In my teens and twenties, I used to practice smiling in the mirror so that I would look appropriately attractive in work and party pictures, and I would spend extra on bright lipstick and earrings that would swing just so. Who was that woman? Now, I am simply grateful to have a day when I feel normal from dawn to sundown.