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Its All Good

Posted by Shondra Constante on Thu 3rd Dec 2020 9:34pm

Just laying here thinking that...........I think I like it better knowing when I'm going to die rather than not knowing. If we ever get to the point where medical science can pinpoint within 1 year of when you're going to pass, I would take them up on the offer. I would want to know.

We all know we're going, the kicker is most of us don't know when. Upon reflection, I think that's the main reason for stress and worry as we get older. We're dreading the final day because we don't know when that will be.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but when you're laying and resting from treatments, your mind starts to wander. I'm grateful for the time I've had, I have few regrets and, odd as it may sound, I consider myself fortunate to know when, within a small window of + to- months, I'm going to pass.

It's all good.