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Posted by Shelly Bernier on Wed 25th Nov 2020 8:41am

I don't know if this is a regret or not, but I remember many times in my life when I should have spoken my mind more than I did. So many times I would “beat around the bush” when telling somebody something. Like telling someone how you feel about them but being coy or elusive about it. Like it's a guessing game.

So many things can be lost in the translation when you keep out the bold truth of how you feel. There are people I remember that I did this with, and I wish I hadn't. At the time it seemed like the socially acceptable thing to do. Maybe it was, but I feel I could have gotten so much more accomplished personally had I just spoken my mind.

Speak your mind, my friends. Unlike the disease you have now, it's not going to kill you. We only have one life. Talk it out.