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Live Like You Were Dying?

Posted by Jenell Liberty on Sun 15th Nov 2020 10:57pm

I just realized something I think is important. That old saying “Live like you were dying” seems to be taken for granted. At the very least, it is taken out of context. Like “Have fun every day” or something like that. When we are faced with knowing we are dying from a medically diagnosed illness, things like humility and self-awareness really kick in. But even at a young age, we know we are all going to die eventually.

Maybe, just maybe, if we live our lives knowing that life itself is a medically diagnosed illness would we live with the conclusions that we only seem to get at this stage of our lives?

I’m not saying be sad or morose knowing that the end WILL come, just practice the traits every day of your life the way we do now. With humility and self-awareness. This world might be a better place.