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Travel Well

Posted by Melody Flemons on Mon 9th Nov 2020 2:14pm

Just a thought I had, dear family.


They say that the rear-view mirror of a car is small for a reason. That the windshield of a car is so large for a reason. Those reasons being, that you should focus more on what's ahead of you rather than looking back. When we reach a certain point in our lives though, we can't help but look back because there is more there than what is in front of us.


When I look back, I see a road well-traveled. There were potholes and roadblocks, but those only helped to make the ride more interesting in hindsight, which is why I believe I have learned as much as I have. So when I pass, and step out of this car, I'll have the vantage point none of us has now. Everything. I'll be seeing it all in retrospect, as will you when your time comes.


Travel well.