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Dueling Protests Hysteria

Posted by L.B. Wakefield on Fri 6th Nov 2020 10:19am

I wish both sides would stop freaking out that their legal ballots will be thrown out or that illegal votes are being counted right now -- all in hopes of swaying an election and subverting our democracy.  It's simply nonsense.  I'm a veteran of the United States Army.  I've been stationed in South Korea, Texas, South Carolina, and Iraq during my time.  I've voted absentee and had to mail it in more times than I've voted in person on election day.  Military personnel are stationed all over the world and it's common to vote absentee via mail.  Each state has its own laws for how it will run its elections.  Our military personnel is diverse and hails from all over the United States.  We vote absentee where our permanent residence is, and we follow our state's voting laws.  We've voted with sharpie markers, with pink ink, with red ink, with the traditional blue and black ink, but it really boils down to whatever is handy.  Our votes sometimes take a while to come back depending on the mail system and how far away we are.  It's all good. Our legal votes are tabulated in the count and no illegal votes or improperly marked ballots (like forgetting a signature or voting in the wrong state) have been snuck into an election because of it.  Absentee voting isn't new and all legal votes will be counted!