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Old Anti-Drug PSA

Posted by Nate Hudson on Mon 19th Oct 2020 10:03am

My nephew brought home an anti-drug use pamphlet that brought on a wave of nostalgia.  Flashback to the past:

As kids, we'd be warned about drug addiction, and we'd get coached through scenarios about how to say no to drugs when a stranger offered them to us.  Strangers just milling about in a public setting waiting to snare us with, "Hey kid, want some drugs?"   At that age I took it seriously.  I was 100% psyched up to proudly just say no and walk away.  And now that I'm an adult, I realize the absurdity of it all.  A man you've never met and have never spoken to, is just hanging out waiting to lure unsuspecting kids to a life of drug use.  Just going around offering kids dope with no fear of being reported or identified to the cops. Of course, we were warned that the first hit would probably be free, but that was just to get us hooked. Then what?  The stranger would own our allowance for life?  Maybe we were supposed to steal from our parents to feed the addiction. I'm not sure.   I never had a stranger offer me drugs and I don't know anyone who did, but it's good to know that as a society we're still warning kids about it.