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When They Struggle

Posted by Ebony Clemmons on Wed 7th Oct 2020 9:28pm

We have the same disease - my brother, my son, and I.  The difference is that Huntington's disease has struck my brother hard, and while my son and I have the genetic markers for it, we remain symptom free.  My brother is absolutely tormented by his symptoms.  He's on medication, but it only helps so much.  He finds it difficult to eat, to read, and to even think. It's affecting how he feels about himself as a man. He hates needing to lean on me so much.  He's quite a bit older than me and has always been my protector.  We were adopted young, and he's always been there for me no mater what.  But to him, needing my help is unbearable.  Needing to learn on me is a disgrace.  Even though I love being his caregiver and I appreciate this time that we have together, it's really affecting his mental health.  He's just really struggling.  I wish I knew how to help.