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Connecting Through Music

Posted by Nate Hudson on Tue 25th Aug 2020 11:20pm

I hate to be all dramatic, but hey, death sort of calls for it.  I'm likely to leave this world before I hit my 30s.  I feel like I've not had enough time to make my mark on the world and to connect with the younger generation in my extended family. I want to be remembered, but I  decided against leaving behind video messages filled with bits of wisdom and tidbits about my life.  Since our bond isn't already there, I doubt they'd get much from it.  That's okay because I can share a piece of myself through my music. I'm a decent songwriter, guitar player, and vocalist, so I decided to make each of them a special song that suits their different personalities.  I've already started typing out the lyrics and recording myself singing and playing. Thankfully, all my Executors will have to do is trigger my account and my music will pass on to the next generation when I'm gone.  My music will be the legacy that I leave behind.