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Homeschooling the grandkids

Posted by Josh Reynolds on Thu 18th Jun 2020 7:28pm

The pandemic ushered in tons of changes, so while my children work from home, I'm homeschooling the grandchildren.  Thankfully, the schools send monthly packets of work, so I just show the kids how to work the math problems and I explain science concepts and help with their grammar, reading, and writing. The kids behave and listen to me when I'm explaining something. (Hey, I learned early on that succumbing to a dramatic coughing fit due to "stress" would turn them into cooperative angels.)  For extra enrichment and as a way to get outside and burn some energy, we grab our masks and hand sanitizer then head out to study the study different animals and habitats in the community.  Surprisingly enough, I'm really enjoying my new role and this time we have together.  It feels good to exercise my mind and it's rewarding to help my grandchildren learn. I guess it's just nice to be needed again!