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Dividing Our Estate

Posted by Derek T. on Wed 29th Apr 2020 2:45pm

My wife and I ran into a thorny issue while getting our affairs in order.  We're wrestling with whether it's ever okay to divide an estate unequally among adult children.  We know it's legal to handle our estate this way, but there could be other ramifications.  For instance, what if one child suffers from drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction?  The windfall might cause significant harm if the money is used to fuel the addiction.  Should the child who did most of the caregiving be rewarded with a larger portion of the estate?  And if an adult child got help with their housing down payment, should that amount be taken into consideration and subtracted from their inheritance?  Would it be better to divide things equally to keep the peace and to show that we love our children equally, or is that unfair to the children who received less than their siblings over the years?  It feels like we're navigating through deep waters.  If you're reading this, I'd appreciate hearing what you chose to do.