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One More Chance

Posted by Brenda Turpin on Fri 13th Mar 2020 10:22pm

Some of my family could be a little toxic at times.  I spent time in therapy learning how to be a loving daughter while still setting firm personal boundaries.  When I think about death, I think about all the family I've lost over the years and the regrets that I have.  So many times the person passed away before I could apologize and make things right, before I could say I loved them and ask for forgiveness. Because no matter who was at fault, if I thought that was my last chance to "fix things," I'd feel grateful for the chance to extend an olive branch.  I'd want them to feel loved before they passed.  I'd want them to have peace.  That's one reason I feel so driven to leave some messages behind.  To me, it means I'll always have the opportunity to extend one last olive branch. Then maybe those left behind won't have to live with regrets.