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Digital bonds

Posted by Avery Taylor on Sun 16th Feb 2020 11:11am

The world and how we communicate with others has changed so much over the years. Now it's possible to form tight bonds with someone across the ocean, someone you have never met in person. How will I end my digital life? Do I want to designate someone to sign in for me, make a post explaining that I've passed away, then close my account? Do I want to log in for the last time myself once my disease has progressed so far to create a goodbye message? Do I want to let my username fade into obscurity as new members join the online community, new stories are shared, and new friendships form? Do my online friends deserve to know why I've quit posting and responding to their private messages? Would they care that much, or will that make me seem ridiculously vain? Do I want to do nothing at all?

Somewhere in me, I still have the dream of living forever, even if it is only my username.