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Posted by Lucia Perez on Wed 27th Nov 2019 2:09pm

I have a lot to be thankful for and since it's so close to Thanksgiving Day, I thought I'd write it all down.
1.  Healthy and happy children and grandchildren who visit often.
2.  A dog who looks at me like I'm the best thing in the world.
3.  A kitten who cheers me up by purring and making biscuits on my tummy.
4.  Friends who come over and visit.
5.  All the colors that light up the planet.
6.  Beautiful music that reminds me of days gone by
7.  Delicious, nutritious food in abundance.  Always having enough when I know some people have very little and struggle though no fault of their own.
8.  Living in a country that is free.  I don't agree with the current admin, but that's okay.  I know voting counts and that's what matters.
9.  Wonderful books that take me away.
10.  Being able to get around in my old age. 
12.  Having people I've loved and who have loved me.  
11.  Building a relationship with Christ.