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Medical bills versus living your dreams

Posted by Frank Wilson on Mon 30th Sep 2019 1:54am

I have always had a bucket list, mainly filled with items related to travel. Places I want to visit, things I want to do. And it is a very attainable bucket list, at least, it was. I thought I'd have 50 years to complete it. Turns out, it'll be another 5 years, 7 if I'm lucky. I don't have the funds as my medical bills are piling up, but my family says to just go out and do it. Live my dreams and don't worry about the money. This means that I would leave them with the bills. They say they will take care of it but is this really the right thing to do? They tell me my life is unfair enough to be cut short like that, so I shouldn’t have to worry about bills. I love my family but it is difficult to accept.