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Lana Sims

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No will chaos

My best friend is having a tough time after her father perished without creating a will. There's a big kerfuffle between the kids and their stepmother as to who should get what. Yikes! Hearing about the chaos that's ensued led me to make an appointment to create my will.

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Hyatt McKay

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I agree 100%. Even people in their 20s should make a living will.

It's never too soon to make a will, but it can be too late. 

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Erica Vale

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Wow, my heart goes out to them. It's distressing enough to lose someone you love, no way could I deal with that extra family drama piled on top of that. It broke my heart to lose Dad, but his affairs were in order, and that really helped.
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Robert S

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I'm sure there's an enterprising soul out there somewhere who will find a way to make insurance rates higher for those who don't have a will.

There's a fine line between compassion for the sick and the economic realities of the health field, as well as life for the others after the death of a loved one.

Some can walk it better than others. 

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Sarina Garrett

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While I'm sure you're right, Robert, I'm not sure if that's the right way to go about it. It would be somewhat effective, but I don't think people should be economically pushed to do something this personal.