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Mary Pedigo

Plot Twists of Lies

I can't imagine how I'll act if I learn that something that my loved one told me will end up being a lie. We're all humans, after all. There are a lot of parents who won't want to portray themselves as weak to their children. But these children grow old living and believing based on those ideals. Adults can illustrate themselves well to protect their ego, but that's selfish. How do you think you'd handle the situation when you learn that they lied concerning something important?

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Sami Sia

That is a tough one. I have not ever been in this position. I have always been truthful with my family and friends. I have not uncovered any big lies from anyone either.
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Ebony Clemmons

It's happened to me, and it was an awful feeling to sit with.  The big scandal gave me some perspective, though.  I'd never been so thankful that I'm not good at lying or donning a public mask.  I'm just me. 

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Mary Pedigo

Hi Ebony! I'm sorry that you had to experience that. There's a thin line between learning from a situation and being eaten by it. So, I'm glad that you managed to work your way through the lies and even got some perspective. I wonder how liars would feel about their words, though.

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Lana Sims

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Reading this made me so anxious - then I remembered that I've lived a good, clean life and sighed in relief. Never before have I felt so happy that I'm boring.
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Sarina Garrett

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Based on my experiences, loved ones don't lie to you in order to hurt you. The hurt is an unintended consequence of the loved one lying because they are too weak to tell the truth about whatever. 

If you look at it from that perspective, the hurt tends to go away and leaves room for understanding.