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Added on Tue 2nd Nov 2021 6:15am   Last edited on Mon 10th Jan 2022 11:11am

Arthur Souza

Lost Relationships

I grieve the connections I've lost now that I'm a better person. It may not be physical death, but the pain pierces deeply. Many regrets would surface when I would think back on my behavior. After a while, reflecting on what has happened only makes you realize things you could've done. Does this count as grief? Can a person grieve when they were the ones at fault in the first place? Usually, the feedback I get is that I deserved it. But because it's true, it's hard to express my side of emotion.

Added on Tue 9th Nov 2021 7:28pm   Last edited on Tue 9th Nov 2021 7:28pm

Ebony Clemmons

I think it's awfully harsh and unnecessary for some folks to tell you that you deserve it, Arthur.  I couldn't wish pain or sadness on anyone.  I've lost a few friends along the way of life's bumpy road.  Sometimes we just grew apart and with others there was a huge falling out.  Still, I'm grateful that I knew each one; I hope they feel the same about me. 

Added on Fri 19th Nov 2021 11:13pm   Last edited on Fri 19th Nov 2021 11:13pm

CW Lewis

Yes, I'd say that counts as grief.  It sounds like you're really hurting.  Is it too late to make amends?  It doesn't hurt to try.  If nothing else, maybe you'll have closure. 

Added on Fri 10th Dec 2021 11:03am   Last edited on Fri 10th Dec 2021 11:03am

Mary Pedigo

After admitting that you took part in the negative thing that happened, it's just fair to let yourself feel the regrets. You would be different now compared to previous days. What you're feeling now is valid regardless of your faults or shortcomings. 

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Kareem Johnson

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I think many people just grow apart over time. It's a natural process. We're all just kind of borrowing one another when you think about it.