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Ashley Ford

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Love After Death

It's never easy being the one left behind because you're not only left with responsibilities but also feelings. The grief never goes away because no person is replaceable. I've seen that there are people who found new love after becoming a widow/widower, and that's great. However, I know that the transition can never be that simple. How can one manage?

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Theresa M.

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I know a couple that met through a support group. Both had lost a spouse to cancer.  They seem very happy together today.  Sometimes it seems like fate. 

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Desmond Harris

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Most of the folks I know have remained single after their spouse died.  I'd say they just find it too difficult to move on and find love again.  Everyone handles the loss of a spouse in their own way. 

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Melody Flemons

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It takes time, and everyone is different. We all have our own ways of moving on. I know these are cliches, but it's true. If you know the time is coming soon, memories will start rushing in and you just can't rush that process of going through it all and making it out to the other side. 

It's hard, but you will get past it in time.

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Emma Stockholm

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The death of someone you love will never be easy to process. There's also no single way of handling things. It's a case-to-case basis because there are people I know that didn't bother to date afterward. It will vary per individual, but the most important thing that may be helpful to everyone is taking things slow.

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Brandy Edwards-Bryant

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Our children are still quite little, and my husband let me know that he'd rather I wait until they're much older to start dating again. He's mostly worried about abuse, I think. I can't even wrap my mind around dating again. I see myself waiting until we're reunited in heaven. However, to make him feel better, I promised to wait until the kids were grown before I brought someone else around.
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Melody Flemons

And there's nothing wrong with that, Brandy. Talking about family brings up a good point. If you do want to find someone else in time, choose someone that your ex would have as a friend. Your children too for that matter. No one can replace him or his position in your lives, but they should represent your family in a way the ex would approve.

That's showing your respect.