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Emma Stockholm

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Being the Best You

Unlike before, legacies left by people now are not as exclusive to people inside their families with the influence of the internet. There's a community feeling knowing that your being can influence even those outside of your circle. I think that whatever anyone will leave can negatively or positively impact strangers at random. It's hard to say but it highlights the responsibility of existing in this world, wherein the best thing a person can do is to grow continuously until one reaches his or her end. So, how do you want to influence the people in your life right now?

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Shondra Constante

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By living a life of continual learning. Leading by that example. Whether people want to follow or not is up to them, but I will live that life in the hopes that others will follow in their own way.

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Jenell Libere

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Doing a post-life chronicle is an excellent way to be remembered. The honesty you can give, or hear, from these can be life-changing. This is a death-bed confession type action, only it's preserved forever and typically focuses on the positive. 

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Crystal Greenwood

The best thing I can do is to act reasonably enough while maintaining that compassion. I wouldn't want anyone to think that I'm cold for the sake of it. Instead, I want them to understand that there are decisions that I make because it acts as a means to an end, no matter how far that end is.

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Jayden Gosman

Perhaps, being sincere in what I do and having my intentions stated clearly as much as possible. I've noticed how there are people close to me who take lightly of their words. They don't stand by it and merely say the things that people want to hear. I want to be the kind of person that will act and speak with intent. I always try to limit passivity and remain liable for my decisions.