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Andre Bates

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Confiding Regrets

Who do you talk to about your regrets concerning a person who has passed away? Or would you rather write about it? The thoughts would kick in and end up in frustration because you realized that there's nothing that can be done about it anymore. All that's left are memories, should-haves, and multitudes of realizations. It's always easier to do things in our mind but it's always different when you're in the situation.

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Mandy Camarillo

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For me, it depends on the severity of the regret. I can talk about some of my concerns with trustworthy family members or friends, but I choose to post anonymously more painful ones. Knowing that I can't do anything about it anymore, I write about my grief to find peace of mind.

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Matthew Dickson

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I prefer not to talk about my regrets because it only feels like making excuses. There are times when I would think about it and imagine how it might've turned out if I did this or did that. It's a bunch of what-ifs that won't happen anymore. Instead of talking about my regrets, I try to look into their lessons.

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Myrna Kearney

I think some confessions are best left to the priest or some other third party.  Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I'd sure hate to hurt someone I loved by burdening them with a confession.  

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Theresa M.

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Do you think regrets are inevitable?  I always seem to have them.  There's something I wish I'd done (or hadn't done) while my loved one was still around.  It's usually something that I talk about with my friends.