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Matthew Dickson

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Talking through the Silence

A heavy atmosphere sticks around after someone's passing, especially if it was a family member or a very close friend. There's nothing wrong with that since it's a normal reaction. However, life continues, and the deafening silence shouldn't stay for too long that it starts harming the living. I think it's better to try and have conversations when you're in mourning. It would be better to share the pain than suffer someones passing alone. It may also be nice to just let the stories about the person circulate the room and finally know what you were once clueless about.

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Theresa M.

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I feel better when someone talks to me, but I think some people prefer to hide away and sit in silence rather than talk through it.  I guess we all just grieve a bit differently.  I like chatter just as you do though.  It gets my mind off the sadness, if only for a little while.

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Adam Wells

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Talking about it gets me through the grieving process.  Sometimes I want to share a funny memory that the deceased and I once shared and other times I just want to sob about how much I'll miss that person.  I've never been a tough guy who could hide my emotions and bottling it up just seems like ignoring the elephant in the room.  I realize we all grieve in different ways, but talking it out helps me tremendously.

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Hannah Wheller

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I agree with you there. It feels so heavy for me to keep all the emotions inside. Letting the silence take over for a very long time is suffocating that I end up craving conversations. On other occasions, I'm not someone who would keep quiet when something's wrong, and it happens that the way I grieve is similar.