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Keepsakes is our free life legacy and community bereavement program. Patients, veterans, and families - connect for support, comfort and sharing.

Create unlimited unique videos on any device; have them delivered automatically to loved ones, anytime you choose for many years to come. Tell the story of your life with videos and pictures in your unlimited Life Journal. Share positivity, celebrate a life or connect with others for sharing or support. Your life legacy matters to your families.

Please join our community forum. Your views are important to all. Help us help others.

  • Chronicles delivers unlimited video messages to loved ones at future dates post life

  • Create and share your life story and experiences with Life Journals for future generations

  • Make someones day by leaving an uplifting message or stay in touch with message boards

  • Give and receive support in our community forums

  • Is as private or public as you wish it to be

  • Celebrate a life with our Keepsakes E-Tributes

  • Is a FREE community service for everyone

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Hey, thanks for sharing that headline. I found it, read it, and yeah, it helps to know that Im not...

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